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The Factory

The Factory is a new project under development by an alliance of 11 Lambeth based Arts and Enterprise organisations led by 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning. Its pragmatic approach to helping young people led to The Factory being named as one of the Department of Local Communities & Local Government’s 20 ground-breaking UK projects.

Here’s why

The Factory is tackling high youth unemployment in the Lambeth community by creating economic opportunity in the arts and creative industries.

Here’s how

The Factory is a production hub run and managed by young creative people. They gain skills as well as practical, paid industry experience. So not only do our young creatives work alongside professional artists, designers and mentors. What is key is that these individuals are linked to our growing relationships with real paying businesses.

It means our beneficiaries learn more than just their craft. They get that critical thing that stops many young people getting past first-base the practical business skills to help them become entrepreneurs, or start careers.

All work is commissioned. So our young people participate in the whole commercial process – cradle to grave. This builds confidence. And it builds skills. All this is supported by The Factory’s team of delivery partners, who make sure clients continue to get what they need. Sustainability is at the heart of what we are doing, after all.

Among the benefits to paying businesses are that they get access to original and bespoke creative products at extremely competitive prices. Plus, it’s good for their corporate social responsibility footprint because they get to provide direct learning opportunities to young creatives.

Here’s who it’s for

We help the young (16-30 year olds) who find it difficult to access employment (NEET, offenders). Mostly, we work with those wanting to go on in contemporary design, music, fashion, photography, digital media, visual arts, performance and events. We offer apprenticeships, work experience, business start-up advice, mentoring and short courses.

So The Factory creates economic opportunity and change in the community by working with future entrepreneurs, or helping young creative people to build the foundation to a thriving career.

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