About Us

We aim to benefit disadvantaged and disengaged young people in our society here in the UK by ensuring our funding reaches those most in need.

We achieve our aims and objectives through making grants for charitable work. We wish to build relationships with our supported organisations and foster collaboration whenever and wherever
we can.

Those we cannot help financially, we hope to help in other ways, through mentoring, business planning and networking.

Charity meets the unmet need and our funding is always driven towards meeting
that need in our area of interest.

Peter Cruddas Foundation funding criteria

The Foundation gives priority to programmes designed to help disadvantaged and disengaged
young people in the age range of 14 to 30, to pursue pathways to Education, Training and Employment with the ultimate aim of helping them to become financially independent.

Preference will be given to the support of projects undertaken by UK registered charitable organisations (currently not CIC's or Social Enterprises), in England and Wales only, for the
benefit of such people.

Priority funding streams
number 1

Pathways/support for young disadvantaged or disengaged people in the age range
16 to 30 into education, training or employment

number 2

Work experience/skills projects for young people aged 16 to 30

number 3

Youth work in London particularly evening work for disadvantaged young people aged 16 to 30

Our values

We strive to be professional in everything we do and operate accordingly. We aim to be:

Friendly Approachable Accessible Straightforward Transparent Supportive
Some charitable causes supported to date