The Childhood Trust

The Childhood Trust is London’s child poverty charity, leveraging significant impact on disadvantaged young lives in the capital to alleviate the disadvantages associated with child poverty.

The Peter Cruddas Foundation grant will fund a group of effective London projects that excel in youth work. Young people supported by the projects face a range of challenges relating to poverty including accommodation problems, food insecurity, risk of exposure to violence and drug taking. The young people live in areas where the rise in youth crime and poor career prospects have increased their vulnerability and their struggle to hold onto positive plans and hopes. The projects funded by Peter Cruddas Foundation provide well designed and proven support to improve engagement in education, skills, knowledge, confidence, hope and ambition as the young people handle their transition to adult life.

The Childhood Trust will leverage the grant from Peter Cruddas Foundation through our Christmas matched fundraising campaign to attract four times the scale of funding for the youth projects which means the funding will go four times further and make a difference to a greater number of young lives.

The Childhood Trust finds, coaches and works to enable a range of excellent and effective grassroots projects that improve the lives of young people and children in disadvantaged London communities. We work with projects that are well run, staffed by experts and able to make real impact on young lives and we build the capacity of these projects to attract regular and full funding to keep their services available and effective for the growing number of young people affected by poverty in London.

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