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At Circle Community, we believe that unemployed young people aged 18-24 years are not out of work through choice. We believe the vast majority of young people do have the drive and potential to engage in meaningful and productive work. The problem is in fact that many lack the opportunities, confidence, work experience, and positive role models necessary to secure work. We recognise the real barriers to getting young people into work, range from family issues, to a lack of basic skills and self-confidence, to the difficulties involved from recently migrating to the UK. At Circle Community we provide a training programme to train and support unemployed young people to get them into work. We help young people identify clear career goals and offer training in non-academic skills key to obtaining and holding a job. As well as offering training courses and workshops, as an integral part of our training, all of our students are given hands on practical work experience in our retail store Circle Collective our on trend fashion store where they are training in customer service with practical work experience of 8 hours per week. At the end of our training programmes a genuine interview will arise either directly or through our corporate supporters or their contractors.

Too often, young people find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle: they don’t have enough experience to get a job, but can’t develop that experience without having one. Circle Collective is a unique charity and social enterprise that aims to break that cycle.

The Peter Cruddas Foundation has supported Circle Collective to run its innovative programme of training and work experience for unemployed 18-24 year olds in East London.

Central to Circle Collective’s pioneering model is real-life work experience in their streetwear store. Alongside inspirational workshops and corporate experiences, Circle Collective trainees are given practical experience in serving customers, using a till and selling designs from local, independent fashion talents. With support from their corporate partners and funders including The Peter Cruddas Foundation, Circle Collective has so far supported more than 200 young people into life-changing employment. They recently opened a new project in Lewisham and are looking to grow and support more young people across London.

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