Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Peter Cruddas believes passionately in the International Award Association and has become Global Benefactor for a further 3 years. He is also a founder member of the International Special Projects Group and has sponsored the Peter Cruddas Social Innovation Initiative.

Peter Cruddas Social Innovation Initiative
Peter has been an enthusiastic supporter of the International Award since 2005, when he became our first Global Benefactor, and is underlining his continuing commitment through this exciting project.

The initiative
The Peter Cruddas Social Innovation Initiative aims to recognise Gold Award participants who demonstrate enterprising attitudes, and who have used their Award Programme to benefit a specific section of society. The initiative has been set up to recognise these individuals for their commitment to changing the lives of others.

What qualifies as social innovation?
Social innovation projects often form part of the Award Programme's Service Section or Residential Project. However, we know how creative participants can be when developing their Programme, and so the social innovation project might fulfil any of the five Sections of the Award. In order for projects to be considered good examples of social innovation they need to demonstrate the following: Explicit social aims
Engagement with the local community
Environmental impact
Ethical values
Award involvement