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The Peter Cruddas Foundation generously supports The Royal Ballet whose education work extends throughout the country and includes workshops in schools as well as invitations for school children to come into the Royal Opera House to work with members of the Company and participate in creative projects rather than just observing.

Teachers have said:

"Child A has blossomed from being quite tentative in most areas, quiet, an observer rather than a partaker, into a more confident individual, keen to contribute and happy to 'have a go'"

'It refreshed me! It gave me a fantastic chance to watch my students work in different styles.'

'Everyone worked beyond their capabilities.'

'The students really tried to push themselves and came out of their comfort zones.'

Students have said:

'I will now go and try different styles of dance with an open mind.'

'It has improved my confidence and creativity.'

'I never liked ballet at all and now I think it's ok.'

'It changed my perception of ballet as it made it easier for me to comprehend.'

The Peter Cruddas Foundation generously supported The Royal Ballet Tour to Cuba. Support of the tour contributes to the significant costs of touring a company of the size of The Royal Ballet which include dancer transportation, shipping sets and costumes, hiring an orchestra and technical crew abroad, among others and, ultimately, to ensuring that the tour is viable.

'It's a moment that all Cubans should treasure… it's the most important event in 50 years,' (Carlos Acosta)

I feel so blessed to have been on this tour and see the rare quality of Cuban existence - of passion, of life without materialism, without all the excess (Alexandra Ansanelli)

'It's about the art, dance and it's about being able to visit places that you've never visited before. And places, particularly here in Cuba, [that] have not had the chance of seeing international companies. Dance crosses all barriers.' (Monica Mason)

'Culture is universal and dance speaks to everyone. You don't need language or a common culture or the same political system. If people see something done well they are going to appreciate it.' (Sarah Lamb)

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