SkillForce works in partnership with schools, drawing upon the skills of predominantly ex-Forces personnel, to inspire young people to succeed.

Since 2000, SkillForce has helped change the lives of 50,000 young people in the UK, engaging the hard-to-reach, developing their personal skills, to enable academic attainment, opportunities for employment or further education.

Our mission is to inspire young people to succeed and, irrespective of background or ability, help them prepare for the next steps in their lives.

Working closely with schools, and using the skills and experiences of predominantly ex-Forces personnel, we help young people find a way to achievement and success. Our approach is to Engage, Prepare and Develop.


We exist because many young people leave school in the UK without the life skills and experiences they need for later life. Our purpose is to give young people - regardless of academic ability, background or school record - what they need to succeed. Our charity also gives Service Leavers and ex-Forces personnel an opportunity to start a new career in education.

More than 1 million young people in the UK between the ages of 16-24 are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).

Each NEET young person costs the taxpayer 160,600 in their lifetime.

Young men who are NEET between the ages of 16 and 18 are four times more likely to be unemployed later in life and five times more likely to have a criminal record.

Restructuring of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces means that thousands of Service personnel in the coming years will be looking for new, meaningful careers.

What does SkillForce do?

- We reduce truancy and exclusion.

- We improve attitudes and behaviour.

- More of our students go onto positive destinations (work, education or training), particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

- We work with schools to raise aspirations and levels of achievement (including awards and qualifications).

- By working with the hard-to-reach, our programmes benefit the entire school and its wider community.

- As a charity, we use fundraising to subsidise the cost of programmes in schools.

- Please contact us. We would love to tell you more about how we inspire young people to succeed.