Snowdon Trust

Snowdon Trust, supports people living with disabilities as they enter further or higher education or vocational training.

We provide grants to students with physical and sensory disabilities to help them to pursue academic or practical goals towards employment that would otherwise be beyond their physical and financial means. Founded in 1981 by the First Earl of Snowdon, we have given grants, help and encouragement to more than 2,700 talented and highly motivated students across the UK.

Students with complex needs and multiple disabilities often incur considerable additional costs. We only make grants for costs NOT covered by statutory funding - including sign language interpreters or other individual support, specialised software, wheelchairs and mobility equipment, extra accommodation costs at university for a 24-hour carer or other disability-related expenses.

Please visit our website for more information about us, including many student ‘stories’ and our latest Annual Review.

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Snowdon Trust